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This is a blog for the tired moms. AKA, you. You don't have it together, you're not where you want to be as a parent, or as a person, and you're tired of trying. And that's okay, because guess what? There is no such thing as a mom who has it together 100%.

No, you say, I've seen her. The perfect mom. Her hair is always styled, and her 2 kids never scream. She has a Starbucks in one hand, because she can actually afford that kind of stuff. Her husband could be a male model, and he takes her on date nights once a week. She never freaks out, ever. She probably owns a business or works in an office because her nails are always manicured and she drives a shiny clean car. She bakes and cooks from scratch, and her kids are star pupils at that private school we couldn't afford. 

Okay, stop. Listen: No such person exists. Get her out of your head, because that is not your goal. It isn't realistic, and it isn't even a good thing.

You don't want to be a perfect mom. You want to be a real mom. A mom who gets overly excited at her child's first haircut. A mom whose style has personality and ease, and not a $400 designer price tag. A mom who sometimes drinks three coffees, because she was up all night with a sick little one. A mom who maybe isn't the skinniest, fittest, or most athletic, but her body makes a darn good pillow when the two-year-old needs cuddles. Maybe you suck at cooking, and are helpless with a needle and thread. Maybe you don't always have the money or time to make a complete diet for your family with all the protein, fruits, and vegetables included. Maybe you fail at parenting sometimes. But you still give your family 110% of your effort.

You need to understand: You are not alone. 

Cut yourself some slack, Mama. You're doing great. Your babies love you just how you are. So pour yourself a fourth cup of coffee and join me, because we have a lot to be excited about, and a lot to do! Here on my blog you'll find motivation for your day, simple decorations for your home (none of that Martha Stewart nonsense), tips on being the best mom you can realistically be, and a whole lot of support when you feel like it's all too much. Click on through if you aren't the perfect mom, and you think that's a good thing.