10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

Mason jar DIY crafts have become increasingly popular for everything from wedding decor to home storage. If there was a starter-pack for the millenial home, it would no doubt include Mason jars. Not because you plan to use them for canning, are you crazy? No, they would be included for basically every reason but their original purpose. Sure our kids are probably going to think we were so tacky to have these around. But can we help it? They cost just over a dollar, and they’re so dang multi-purposeful!

Here are 10 Mason jar DIY’s that we just can’t resist.


1. Mason jar planters

Mason Jar Succulents; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

Aren’t these the cutest?? Succulents are nearly unkillable (definitely my type of plant), and you almost can’t even tell these are canning jars. Super cute gifts. Here they are decorated for Easter, but they would make a perfect wedding favor, or a thankyou gift.

2. Mason jar aquariums

Goldfish in a jar; 10 Reasons We Love Mason Jars

You’ll need a large jar for this, unless you’re raising guppies. Probably the gallon size. Isn’t it nifty? I found this on a WordPress.com site. Make sure you aren’t putting the lid on the top, or at least if you do, poke a few good-sized holes so they can breathe.

3. Mason jar vases

Chic Mason Jar Flower Vases; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

I use mason jars as vases all the time. I have them around, they hold water, they’re perfect! You don’t even have to paint them, but these jars from It All Started With Paint, are definitely chic.

4. Mason jar lights

Mason Jar Twinkle Lights; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

Sooo romantic. There’s a lot of different ways to make this work, but the glow is just amorous.

5. Mason jar snowglobes

Mason Jar Snow Globes With Retro Cars; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

Adorable, right? These tiny little jelly-jars make awesome snow-globes. These were just one of the many ideas I found on Pinterest that were totally fun.

6. Mason jar storage

Mason Jar Pantry Organizers; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

This is probably the most common use of Mason jars. I see it all the time, usually with little chalkboard label stickers on the side. But the chalkboard craze is a trend for another post!

7. Mason jar emergency kits

Mason Jar Teacher's Survival Kit Gift; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

You can go a lot of different ways with this. Back-to-School survival kits with bandaids, pencils, tic-tacs and lotion. You’re-Having-a-Baby survival kits with chocolate, gift cards to the spa, anti-stretch-mark cream, and epsom salts. Or an actual camping survival kit with a compass, a fire-starter, swiss army knife, and other items. Use your imagination and try to determine what someone will need in any given situation. Are they graduating? What will they need to survive? Are they turning 13? What will they need to survive teen-hood? Have fun with it!

8. Mason jar soap dispenser

Mason Jar Soap Dispensers; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

These are so super easy too!

9. Mason jar beverages

Mason Jar Cup and Straw; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

Another very easy DIY. You can paint the outside of yours, or you can leave it natural. I like to fill mine with iced coffee. Not recommended for hot drinks.

10. Mason jar candles

DIY Mason Jar Candles; 10 Reasons Why We Love Mason Jars

You can add your own scents, you can make them different colors, and you can customize the jar to your heart’s content!


Well, there you go. Mason jars. Totally overrated, and we can’t help it. We love them anyways. Why? Because the only limit to Mason jars is our imagination.