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16 Beautiful and Unique Baby Girl Names

I wanted to make a list of my favorite unique names for baby girls, and their meanings. These are just a few of them. If you’re looking for a different, unpopular, yet cute name for your child, you might find one here!

  • Juniper (Young. Youth-producing. Evergreen)



  • Pandora (All gifts)



  • Maureen (Bitterness. Beloved. Wished-for child)



  • Autumn (Fall. Born in the Autumn season)



  • Delaney (From the alder grove. Child of defiance)



  • Blue (Color)



  • Willow (Slender. Graceful)



  • Francesca (From France)



  • Sabra (Rest)



  • Sheena (God is gracious)



  • Mistie (Foggy, dark, obscure)



  • Pheobe (Goddess of the moon)



  • Penelope (Weaver [ess])



  • Calypso (She that conceals)



  • River (Riverbank)



  • Amazon (The Amazon River)