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4 Youtube Channels to Make Exercising Fun Again

Okay guys, I have to confess two things. Number one: I hate boring workouts. No music? No fun. Number two: I will never have time for a gym. I know this, and I have accepted it. I will never carve out an hour or two of my day to go torture myself in front of other people. It just isn’t happening. Instead, for my workouts I have turned to the comfort of my livingroom floor, and the power of YouTube.

YouTube is the best invention ever, because now I can have a workout instructor in my home, and I’m not limited to whatever instructors the gym has on staff. Plus, I don’t have to do the workouts exactly how the instructor does them. I can adjust for my own needs, and take breaks when I feel like pausing the video for a drink of water, or to answer the phone. I don’t need to feel embarrassed, because it’s a video. I can do it any time, in any room, any type of workout I want. And the best part is that this totally fits into any budget. YouTube is completely free. All you need is a good internet connection and a few spare minutes.

So what do I work out to, you ask? Good question. Like I said, I don’t like boring workouts, so there has to be music and the instructor either needs to talk, or convey energy to me some way, otherwise I poop out. I don’t have that kind of motivation! So what I have done is I have gone through loads of YouTube fitness workouts, trying them all with a set of very high standards. Now that I am tired and sore, and have done all this work for you, I have brought you what I think were the best of the best, and rated them according to the following:

How fun they are

How challenging they are

How long the routine took



FUN: 5/5

The workout space is always bright and colorful, she keeps a happy energetic attitude through the whole thing, and talks you through the moves. You can tell she loves what she does, and her energy is contagious! If you’re not looking for a dance routine, but you still want something really fun, this is your channel.


Her routines are definitely not easy, but I would say she is still good for beginners because she clearly explains how to do each move with good form, and she makes it easy to follow along. Her workouts are not impossible to do, but they definitely leave you sore and out of breath.

TIME: 5-30 Minutes

She has long and short workouts, but my favorites are the six minute workouts. Who out there is so busy that they can’t make time for at least one six-minute workout?

Danielle Peazer with ICON UK

FUN: 3/5

She has some really fun dance moves that engage your muscles, and a good beat to move to, but I’m personally not a big fan of a repeating workout. She tends to take you through one set of a handful of moves, and then repeats that two or three more times. I would rather do a lot of repetition with one exercise and then move on, knowing that I finished that move for the day. But if cycles are your thing, then you will love her workouts.


She keeps things light and has a lot of repetition so you have plenty of time to get the workout done. The only problem I found, was that she doesn’t keep her viewers in good form. I need little reminders along the way to keep my body working at top level, otherwise it naturally morphs into doing the workouts in an easier way. Either my legs won’t be bent, or my back isn’t straight, or my weight isn’t centered… whatever the problem is, I need little reminders, and I felt with her workouts that I was maybe not doing them the right way about 60% of the time.

TIME: 7-30 minutes

Pretty great when you can do a workout in the same length of time it takes for cookies to bake in the oven. I’m not saying you should bake cookies and work out, that’s probably not good advice, and I would never, uh, never do that.

The Fitness Marshall

FUN: 5/5

If you don’t like to dance, you may not find his workouts very fun, but I think they are a blast. The music he uses is often a popular song that I already know, and although I stumble around with a lot of the moves, trying to keep up with his pace, I still love trying.


This was a tough label, because although his workouts aren’t too physically straining, they are still difficult to do. Following along is hard, and he does moves without walking you through them first. After a few tries at his routines you start to catch on, though.

TIME: 3-5 minutes

They only last the length of one song! Do a few songs and you can say you worked out today.


FUN: 3/5

These workouts are with different instructors each time, and they have probably the widest variety of workouts you’ll find on one channel. Everything from dance to kickboxing, to full-body workouts. Chances are, you will probably find one or two videos here that you like. Personally, I don’t like feeling like I’m doing a workout, and to me these were just kind of boring and typical.


I would say that the majority of these are fairly difficult. Not all of them, because they have such a variety, but probably most of them.

Time: 1 minute to 1 hour

Again, the diversity is nice, because if you are looking for a hard one-hour long workout, they have it, and if you only have sixty seconds, they have that too.


So there you go, four super-fun at-home workout YouTube channels you can start following today to amp up your workout routine.


  1. Love these! The PopSugar workouts are always so fun, and versatile. I also really like the Tone It Up Youtube Channel, they have a ton of great workouts.

  2. Ooh, I’m saving this! We’re expecting our first baby this summer, so my gym days are numbered. This’ll be really helpful when working out from home. ?

  3. OKay first of all, the first paragraph is hysterical – you literally took the words right out of my mouth! “I will never carve out an hour or two of my day to go torture myself in front of other people. It just isn’t happening.” That made me so happy. These are AMAZING finds, and I am totally saving this!! Thank you SO much for sharing, because I really needed something outside of my yoga that I do to get me pumped up! haha

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