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52 Journal Entries Your Kids Will Want to Read Someday

I always think about this. My mom has been pretty consistent with her journals over the years, and I always wonder what it will be like when she passes them down. On the other hand, I am terrible at consistent journaling, and I know I need to work on it. But what to write? You see that blank page, waiting for you to write down all your special thoughts and memories, and suddenly… nothing comes to your mind. It’s like when someone asks you what you have been doing lately. You know the whole week was filled with activities because you’re exhausted, but you can’t recall a single thing you did. I hate that.

I also find that when I try to think of my parents as real people who had a life before I came along, I can’t think of what they might have done with themselves. I want to remember all the details, like where my Dad proposed, and what they were like through High School, but I can’t even remember how old I am.

Well, these journal entry ideas should help you power through your brain fart and create a journal that will capture all the important information your child will wonder about someday.

  1. What Kindergarten and Grade School was like for you
  2. What High School was like for you
  3. Your first crush
  4. What your parents were like
  5. What your favorite___ was, growing up
  6. Who your best friends were
  7. How you passed the time when you were young
  8. Your worst struggles growing up
  9. Your best talents growing up
  10. Who your celebrity crush was, growing up
  11. Your favorite family vacation growing up
  12. Your clothing style through high school
  13. Your favorite teacher in school
  14. A time when you were disciplined as a child
  15. The first time you drank
  16. What your grades were like
  17. What your favorite subject was
  18. What you liked about school
  19. What you didn’t like about school
  20. The first time you met your significant other
  21. The day their Dad proposed
  22. Your wedding day
  23. Their Mom’s reaction to being pregnant
  24. Their Dad’s reaction to becoming pregnant
  25. Your family’s reaction to your pregnancy
  26. Other names you considered for your child
  27. Why you picked their name
  28. A detailed family tree
  29. Their baby shower
  30. People who passed away that you wish they could have known
  31. Whether you were hoping they were a boy or a girl, and why
  32. Your worst fears about having kids
  33. Your treasured memories as they grew up
  34. Which parent they looked more like
  35. Your birth experience
  36. Your child’s first word
  37. Your child’s first smile
  38. Your child’s first birthday
  39. Letter to your child on their wedding day
  40. Letter to your child on their first day at college
  41. Letter to your child at the birth of your future grandchild
  42. Your hopes for your child
  43. A prayer for your child
  44. Their first day of school
  45. Their first time trying ____
  46. Their favorite  ____
  47. Their best friends at age ___
  48. What they want to be when they grew up, and why
  49. Your worst day as a parent
  50. Your child’s first Christmas
  51. Why you chose to parent a certain way
  52. Reasons why you are proud of your child


  1. Great list! I think I’ve asked my mother most of these. Keeping journals and keepsake items are great. Each of my chlisten have a keepsake box and a book of baby’s first year.

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