A Day in the Life of a Mom-Blogger -Mommy Jitters What does it take to be a mom blogger? What does a day look like for parents with businesses, and how to take care of your children while simultaneously taking care of business. How I do it all!

A Day in My Life

For anyone who is curious about how I get any work done as a mom at home alone with a new baby, here are the details of my day, laid out raw and unedited. I’m not an organized person, and my day tends to just unfold around me without much planning on my part. While this is not ideal, it is the way I work best.

6:00-Audrey woke me up with her squirming and she wouldn’t settle back down to sleep. I finally threw the covers off and turned on the heater because it was a chilly April morning and my husband likes to sleep in sub-zero temperatures. He was gone to work already though, so it was just baby and me this morning, with the whole day ahead of us. Today I was determined to stick to a healthy diet and get some real exercise done. I already lost all of my baby weight, and now it was just a matter of losing my pre-baby weight. That extra thirty pounds or so that I had packed on after my wedding. I started my day though, by catching up with the internet. YouTubers that I follow had uploaded their morning shows, and a couple of things had happened on facebook and email overnight. I fed her while I updated my viral presence.

6:30-It was time to change her diaper, and then time for breakfast! A breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese and veggies for the main course, and then I blended up the coffee-flavored Shakeology mix that a co-worker had given me to try. I thought I would give it a shot, since one bag of Shakeology was over a hundred dollars, and she was offering it for free! I have to say though, I wasn’t too impressed with the flavor. It wasn’t horrible, but it could have been better. Still, with all the healthy foods supposedly contained in the mix, I can’t complain. It did taste vaguely like coffee, and I was content to sip on that, since I was trying to cut actual coffee out of my morning routine. Go here to see my review of Shakeology.

7:00-place Audrey in the swing for her morning nap, and do last night’s dinner dishes. I don’t know why, but doing the dishes in the evening is so much harder than doing them first thing in the morning. I actually enjoy my morning dish-washing schedule with the sun pouring through the window. And yes, I do them 100% the old-fashioned way. No machine dishwasher here.

I have to fight for my time, and I have to be aware that everything that I give my time to is my choice.

7:15-Baby was soundly sleeping, so I could sneak in a little workout! You can check out my post about some of the workouts I do in the morning! I always shake it up and do different workouts so it never gets boring. Also, that keeps me working on different muscles at every workout.

7:30-Do some research for my blog on different topics. SEO, marketing, and ideas for future posts.

8:00-Feed Audrey, who has by now started to wake up, and pump any extra breastmilk. Turned out to be 4 ounces after she ate.

8:30-shower to get all the workout sweat off of me. Apply my morning makeup.

9:00-back to the computer, and to work. Feed Audrey simultaneously, because I multi-task like that.A walk by the lake. A day in the life of a mom-blogger. -mommy jitters

10:00-time for a morning walk in the sun! I figured I should practice for the seven-mile walk for breast cancer that was coming up in a few short weeks. I had coffee on my mind, but instead we avoided the coffee shops and went for an hour and a half walk to the lake. It was chilly April weather, but Audrey only cried once. We sat on a deserted bench by the water and I fed her while I took selfies and enjoyed basking in the early Spring sunshine. She slept the whole way back.

11:30-okay, I may have stopped by the store on the way back. The coffee at the local shops was too expensive and you never know how many calories or sugars it contains, which always makes me want to order the largest size with extra whip. You never know the damage it’s doing, so you might as well go big, right? Instead, we got a $4.00 carton of organic vanilla caramel chai latte from Safeway, which you add to milk and drink iced or hot. It was 32 ounces, and I will probably get a good 3 servings out of it. At the coffee shops these drinks are at least $2.00 for an 8 ounce cup. That means I’m saving on average, a total of $2.00 by buying large quantities from the store instead of from the shop on the corner. Score! Although it’s still not the healthiest drink ever, I made this as soon as I arrived home.

I made organic vanilla caramel chai latte -Mommy Jitters

12:00-I had spent some time arranging a dentist appointment and getting a babysitter on board for that time, and now I was hungry! Lunch was leftover salad from dinner the night before. It was simple romaine lettuce with shredded cheese, walnuts, cucumber, and a raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Along with that I had a coffee-flavored Oikos yogurt. This was surprisingly super satisfying. I patted myself on the back for doing so well at lunch, fed Audrey again, and headed for the computer to work on my business some more. Audrey had another nap in her swing while I worked. Good gosh, that thing is magic.

1:30-Audrey woke up from her nap and was hungry again. Once more, I multi-tasked and fed her while working on my blog.

2:30-After I had drafted two blogs and worked on my social media presence, it was time for some house work. I started a load of laundry and did another diaper change among other things. Those are never-ending.

3:00-Back to the blog, with Audrey again in my lap. I knew my husband would be getting off work soon, and I wanted to get as much done as I possibly could. I polished my blog drafts and created the images I would use.

3:30-7:00-Husband called, on his way home and hungry. I made dinner, which was a strange mixture of Costco’s frozen meatballs with pasta sauce and noodles. I made it up, because those were the ingredients I had to work with. We talked about our days, I got some overnight home-made bread started in a bowl to finish baking in the morning, and I gave him a backrub. Finished laundry, cleaned up dinner, and suddenly it was time for bed and the day was done. Caleb went to lie down, tired from his long day, but I went to the computer for another couple of hours of work.

That’s how I get things done while being a Mom of a two-month-old. It’s a constant battle, more than a structured routine. I have to fight for my time, and I have to be aware that everything that I give my time to is my choice. I choose who and what I give my time to… it doesn’t choose me. I make time, when I need to. Time doesn’t rule me. Obviously not every day turns out the same as this one did. There is always variations. Sometimes I have more housework to do, and errands to run, and I can only fit in an hour or so if that towards my blog.

How did you like my day? Are there ways it could be improved? Do you have any questions about time-management as a mom? Let me know in the comments! And have a productive day!